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Customized, Individualized Nutritional Assessment Report

Your individualized "custom" Nutritional Assessment Report today will help you start losing or gaining weight tomorrow! Prepared to YOUR specifications by a physician specializing in nutrition. You will receive a comprehensive report (listing all these features based on body weight, age, gender, medical conditions and activity level) in your email. To download a sample report click here

  1. Client Information and Goals:
    Start Date: Present Weight: Activity Level: Desired Weight: Goal Date: Weight Desired How much you wish to Lose/Gain/Week: Peak Body Weight: Your Name: Present Body Fat: Gender: Desired Body Fat: Age: Body Build: Daily Exercise Calorie Goals: Medical conditions:
  2. Your Average Daily Exercise Calorie Expenditure
  3. Estimated Daily Calorie Requirement Summary:
    Basic calorie requirement:
    Average exercise calories:
    Calories to maintain weight present weight:
    Calories to lose ? lbs. per week:
  4. Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fat Ratio Goals:
    Nutrient % of Daily Calories
    Total Fat
    Saturated Fat
  5. Nutrient Daily Value
    Calories (kcal)
    Protein (g)
    Calories from Protein
    % Calories from Protein
    Carbohydrates (g)
    Calories from Carbohydrates
    % Calories from Carbohydrates
    Fat (g)
    Calories from Fat
    % Calories from Fat
    Saturated Fat (g)
    Cholesterol (mg)
    Total Dietary Fiber (g)
    Daily Values based on Reference Daily Intake
    Fat-Soluble Vitamins:
    Nutrient Daily Value
    Vitamin A (IU)
    Vitamin A (RE)
    Vitamin D (IU)
    Vitamin E ATE (mg)
    Vitamin K (mcg)
    Water-Soluble Vitamins:
    Nutrient Daily Value
    Thiamin (mg)
    Riboflavin (mg)
    Niacin (mg)
    Vitamin B6 (mg)
    Folate (mcg)
    Vitamin B12 (mcg)
    Vitamin C (mg)
    Nutrient Daily Value
    Calcium (mg)
    Iodine (mcg)
    Iron (mg)
    Magnesium (mg)
    Phosphorus (mg)
    Selenium (mcg)
    Sodium (mg)
    Zinc (mg)
  6. Assessment Summary, summarizing all of the above in easy to understand language. plus;
    The Role of Exercise, A Simple Way to Maximize your Benefit from Exercise, Muscle and Calories, Fat to Lose, How Much Protein do you Need, How Much Carbohydrate do you Need, How Much Fat do you Need and A Note Regarding Sources of Calories.

Sign up now and you will also receive a downloadable software program that will allow you to keep track of total calories as well as % of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Click here or a screen shot.

Initial Assessment Report

Price: $19.95

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